Traffic Signals

Signal Controllers

PCC has installed Traffic Signals across the State of Pennsylvania.  In doing so, PCC has gained the expertise to install and maintain multiple systems including:
  • Econolite
  • Peek
  • Eagle
  • Dynamic Traffic Systems
  • McCain
  • Intelight

Peripheral Systems

PCC also installs all of the peripheral systems that complement with Traffic Signals while on site.  These systems include:
  • Vehicular Detection: Radar, Camera and Loop Sensors
  • Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption Systems
  • Battery Back-up Systems
  • Interconnect Systems via fiber optic cable, hardwire or wireless radio

Temporary Signals

PCC keeps a large inventory of signal equipment on hand for Temporary Traffic Signals.  Everything from wood poles to pedestrian push buttons is on stock and ready for installation on your project.  Keeping these resources on hand allows PCC to get traffic moving throughout your work zone quickly. 

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