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Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

PCC owns and operates two types of rubber tire mounted drilling equipment. For smaller caissons with  difficult  access  we will deploy one of two digger derrick trucks from our fleet. These machines are capable of drilling holes up to 42-inches in diameter and to a depth of 10-feet.  

On projects requiring larger and deeper caissons, one of our three  high-pressure  drill rigs capable of depths from 22-feet to over52-feet and diameters ranging from 24-inches up to 72-inches will be used.

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Street and Highway Lighting

PCC has been in the business of lighting the streets and sidewalks of Pennsylvania for over 35 years. We have established working relationships with most all of the major manufactures and representatives of light poles and fixtures in the industry. We know how to get specialty products delivered, installed and lit on your job.

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Traffic Signals

PCC is one of the leading contractors when it comes to traffic signalization.  We install multiple traffic signals every year keeping us well informed and familiar with the most recent advances in signalization. Over the years, we have developed techniques that expedite installation without cutting corners when it comes to quality. We are one of the most competitive contractors in the business.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) continue to expand throughout the country and the state every year.
PCC is the contractor to turn to when it comes to ITS installations.  We build these systems from the ground up.
Our staff and equipment initially install the following structures at ground level:
  • Trench and Conduit
  • Drilled Shafts or Spread Footings
  • Camera Pole Structures
  • Fiber Optics
Once the groundwork has been installed installation of electronic components begins:
  • Cameras
  • Radio Systems
  • DMS Signage

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Roadway Signage

We have been installing roadway signage for as long as we have been in business.  Our employees can complete projects, large and small, when it comes to signs.

We also install sign structures and sign lighting on a regular basis.

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Commercial and Industrial

Power Contracting Company is capable of taking on large commercial and industrial projects. We have installed complete electrical systems for clients such as Wal Mart and Sam’s Club. We have also performed work at the Pittsburgh International Airport and various power plants in the Western Pennsylvania area.

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